As the new year starts I can’t wait to get back to training at Total Body Tuneup with Rich and the others form the first Biggest Loser Programme. Doing the programme late November/ December completely changed my attitude towards getting fit. The varied approach of Rich’s sessions keep you wondering what’s next and as they’re ‘all body’ exercises the affects are fast and progress quick. The difference between my first week and 6th week was amazing – I’d never have believed where I’d have got to if I’d been told on day 1!
If you are still unsure of whether to sign up to the next Biggest Loser Programme I can honestly say ‘Go for it’ you’ll be really surprised! I feel healthier, fitter and more motivated than I ever have done before and it’s completely down to this programme.

David Bonner

Rich and Hannah are absolutely the best, the motivation and help they give is incredible. They make you feel so at ease and really help you in reaching your potential.. thankyou guys

So final weigh in… Results are in…
-20lbs down in 6 weeks
17.5 inches lost also

Really really proud of myself, thankyou Richard Jay

(Just weighed myself before jumping in shower, an extra pound off hahaha) was so close to my target of 21lbs lost

Hayley Morgan

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