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What are your opening times?2020-05-22T14:01:34+00:00

Monday – Sunday 7am to 9pm

Gym hours are not always manned but cameras do record access and gym etiquette. Anyone found misusing or abusing equipment will find they have their gym access revoked and membership terminated without warning.

Is there care for my kids?2020-05-22T14:03:37+00:00

There is no childcare facilities as in creche but you are welcome to bring your children in and they can sit in the gym

How do I cancel?2020-05-22T14:03:29+00:00

This can be done anytime by accessing your account in the teamup system, navigating to your membership and cancelling. Be aware cancellation will mean any sign up happening later will be at any new prices if they have changed.

All of our memberships are rolling monthly memberships. There are no contracts so you are not tied in. We do however require 30 days notice before cancellation.


How do I book a place in PT sessions or group training?2020-05-22T14:03:24+00:00

The schedule shows you when available slots are. Once you’re a member you will be able to access the schedule and book your slot.

Can I work with a personal trainer?2020-05-22T14:03:46+00:00

Personal training is available in several options.

1-2-1 which has three options, 1 session a week, 2 a week or 3 a week. All are paid monthly.

Semi-Private, the allows up to three people to train together for three sessions a week

Group training, this is for up to 8 people training together. 30 minute HIIT sessions.

Can I use all the facilities?2020-05-22T14:04:00+00:00

Gym membership allows you to use all the facilities in the gym and outdoor areas however Personal Training sessions and Group Training sessions will always be of priority in the studio.

All PT memberships include gym access.

Can I bring family members to the gym?2020-05-22T14:02:46+00:00

If you have family members that would be interested in joining then of course bring them down. It is fine if they want to try it first for a session and then sign up afterwards!

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How strict is my diet plan?2020-05-22T14:04:21+00:00

Your food plan is designed to get you the best results in minimal time however you can decide on how strictly you want to follow it.

To get maximal results follow it fully, to get good results but still enjoy weekends then follow it just during the week days.

How often do I get a program update?2020-05-22T14:04:52+00:00

Your program works in phases. Each phase has a specified length assigned to it. One phase may be focussed on fat loss where as another phase may be focussed on strength.

Follow each phase as designated. Your coach will make changes and customise based on your results and your progress recordings.


What equipment do I need?2019-10-15T09:04:55+00:00

Having access to a selection of dumbbells and barbells or varied free weights is a advantage. Cables would be a great idea as well.

While the program can be done and modified for those without access to a gym or without access to vast array of equipment getting the most from it does require gym equipment.

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