Danny Clements

“4.5 stone lighter!”
“A place that actually cares about you and is supportive”

Personal Training & Online Training Member

Naomi Rousell

2 Dress Sizes Down!”

Function Fit Group Member

Paul Williamson

“5 stone down!”

Personal Training Member

I was attracted to TBT up in March 2018 when Rich did 24/24 group training sessions. This was a promotional offer and perfect to get me hooked back into fitness. It had been a while! In 2012 I suffered a broken coccyx and was fed up with the pain and the fear of exercise making it worse. It was depressing that I’d had all the medical help available including operations and strong medication with limited improvement. I decided to try exercise and particularly to gain strength around the area I’d injured.

Rich was great and although it was group sessions he concentrated on our individual needs and gave programs and his time to suit us all. I’m not going to lie, it was tough! Rich listened to what I wanted and by the end of the 24 sessions I noticed an improvement in my fitness and back pain.

I enjoyed the sessions at the gym. It is a friendly place. I decided to continue with monthly membership after training using the program he’d given and I continued to see improvement on the pain in my coccyx area. Going to the gym was hard at times but rewarding to, I seemed to gain more energy.

In October 2018 I got married, I took part in an 8 week PT pre-wedding program to get comfortably in my wedding dress, honestly the results amazed me. I worked hard on the sessions and ate sensibly cutting out crisps, chocolates and snacks. I didn’t do a crazy diet and ate normal meals. I lost inches everywhere, one and a half inches from thighs, same again on my stomach plus toning of the body in other areas.

The wedding dress fitted a treat! The gym photos showed these results and I recommend everyone do before and after photos for your own personal viewing as I know not everyone will want them public.

Rich is passionate about his business and knows his stuff. He is really good with his clients. He has a friendly, relaxed and approachable nature, putting clients at ease about exercising.

Definitely recommend TBT. I’ve just signed up for ‘The biggest loser program’ with a goal of better healthier eating alongside the training something I didn’t concentrate on do much last time. Can’t wait to see the results. My back pain isn’t cured and will always be there, there are good days and bad but I can honestly say Rich has helped me improve the pain and in turn my mood. Thanks!!!

Nicola Hill, 1-2-1 PT Client

After a total hip replacement I was looking for a gym to recover from the operation and get back to sport.After reading the Total Body Tune Up web site and being local decided to call in and discuss my goals.

Meeting Rich I was immediately impressed by his obvious knowledge and interest in developing a tailored set of routines to strengthen the hip and overall body tone.The flexibility in different membership levels without a fixed contract was also attractive. I made what is honestly one of the best decisions of my life by joining after that first meeting

From the first minute it was totally absorbing and each routine was fully explained in what it was designed to achieve, from that moment I was hooked!

I had the hip replaced in April 2018 and joined TBTU in July with a goal of getting back to sport within 6 months. Pleased to say i was back on court at the end of September and today now

playing regularly at a level not achieved for many years!, not bad for 67! I have lost over 10kg and have a much improved body tone which makes me feel healthier and better about myself. The routines put together by Rich and Hannah keep developing in variety and intensity i can honestly say it is really enjoyable and never dull.

I have no hesitation in recommending Total Body Tune Up to anyone no matter what their needs are, it has been brilliant for me.

Geoff Butler, 1-2-1 PT Client

Fantastic gym run by an extremely kind and friendly PT who genuinely wants to help people. Everyone is made to welcome.

Audrey Craddock, 1-2-1 PT Client & Group Training

I moved into the area with work and wanted to find a gym that was friendly and had smart trainers. I had a post op dodgy knee and it needed a bit of care to build up strength without straining or damaging it. Most PT or coaches tend to use the “push on” training approach which can build muscle fine but my knee needed more care than that.

Rich and Hannah were great. They set me up a specific programme working with me to suss out what worked and what didn’t. As I got stronger my training could become more normalized and the semi-private training sessions were great fun as well as tough. Others in the semi-private group were encouraging and we’d laugh together at the size of my step, 4” (to start with…) and their’s 36” but it worked really well.

Far more productive and fun than the bigger mass market gyms, and much more personal with a higher level of skill. I was OK with technique but the bits of tweaking guided by Hannah and Rich helped me get more out of the sessions.

And now? I’m still going 2-3 times a week. I’m stronger and more resilient so not picking up injuries. Knee is healing and physio is very happy with the progress. I enjoy the environment which is friendly but others let you get on with your own stuff and always say hi and smile. It can be tough but if you smile at the same time, it helps….

Deb Stevenson, 1-2-1 PT Client & Semi Private Client

Absolutely recommend this gym, I have been to gyms previously and not enjoyed the ambiance, but here the support from staff and friendliness of everyone who goes is great. The PT sessions that I have booked with Rich are aimed at specific area’s that I wanted to address and I am amazed at the knowledge Rich has with regards to my overall physical condition and advises on strengthening areas such as my back that I had previously overlooked and had no understanding of what exercise’s to do to strengthen it. What I have gained from having PT sessions is that my valuable time is utilised with targeted training and I am getting results ‘win win’ – Thank you Total Body Tuneup! 🏋️‍♀️

Tania Meads, 1-2-1 PT Client

Fab gym – very welcoming and no clickiness. Richard, the Owner/PT & Hannah the Hardcore PT are both so motivating and knowledgeable. I’ve been going just a couple of months and the results are great – weight loss, more energy and with help from Richard, much better diet.
Recommend for all.

Dianne Raine, Semi Private Client
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So I’ve been taking part in the biggest loser for the past 5-6 weeks, I have enjoyed every minute! I have achieved fab results, function fit with both Hannah and Rich is great, as is the support. I would highly recommend anyone trying this gym, it is truly unique and a lovely friendly place to come 😊

Julia Claire, Biggest Loser & Function Fit Group Client

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